Character Questionnaire

Hey guys, please take some time over the next few weeks and think about these questions. I would like to get these questionnaires back by June 1.

Please don’t answer these questions relating to your mechanical concepts. The idea is that we will flavor some of the mechanics based on who your character is, and this is the base of that process. Also, this will give me some information to begin to weave your back-stories into the game world.

If there are any NPC’s from your back story that you want to see in the game then give them a name in your questionnaires.

A few notes about question #1. The city you are in is called Deerquarry. It was recently occupied by a nation from the North but the locals were able to repel the occupiers after nearly 50 years of brutal conditions. The quarry is all but exhausted (which is the real reason the occupiers left) and a separate nation to the South has sent envoys with relief supplies and facilitators to help man the Great Water Locks (more on that later) and provide some help with keeping order in the city. This envoy reports to the city’s provisional government although it takes orders from its own chain of command (from the South) So choices for question #1 would be some Military or Expert from the South as part of the envoy, Pretty much anything you would like to be from the town itself (including a child from an illicit affair of the previous occupiers), a Pariah of the occupiers (someone who was left behind or deserted for some reason), A tradesman or merchant from somewhere else who made a living in the city under the occupation but decided to stay, and the last one of course is the one-off who doesn’t know anything about his/her history but was raised in the city under the occupation (more details on this for whoever opts into that role.)

After I get answers to those questions I can begin to stitch more information about the world together. I want to create this world with as much immersion as possible on the parts of your characters. I want the characters to have real in world motivations for doing what they are doing.




Physical Description:

1. Where are you from, and why are you in town now?

2. What is your family like? Are you close?

3. What is your social class?

4. What do you do for a living? Do you love or hate your job?

5. What goal, or goals, do you have?

6. What is one incident from your past which haunts you or you are particularly proud of?

7. Do you have a strong belief system? If so, what is it? If not, why?

8. What person or thing do you value most?

9. Do you have any unusual hobbies, skills or interests that are unrelated to your job?

10. Give me three adjectives that others would use to describe you.

(btw, this questionnaire was shamelessly stolen from Tim :D)

Give me an idea of what class/classes you were looking at playing. Rouge/Fighter/Monk will have significant modifications because of the level of magical training in this Setting. Don’t feel restricted by the current class choices I am open and willing to help redesign classes to meet a particular feel for a character. If you like the flavor/idea or 3 or 4 classes and want to work the mechanics together then I am happy to work with you. Starting off everyone will be level 5. 25pt attribute buy. No preracials above 16, no preracials below 9. I want everyone to begin play as a single class (which is part of the reason I am open to custom class builds) and there will be a new multiclassing system which I will spell out the options for in the future.

Email me at with the answers to these questions. Feel free to discuss character ideas on the forums, but please do not post your answers here on the site.

Character Questionnaire

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