New Gear

Weapon and Armor Augment Crystals.

Augment crystals attach to weapons or armor and imbue those items with special qualities. To attach an augment crystal is a standard action which provokes an AOO, to remove one is a move action which provokes an AOO. One in place, the augment crystal remains firmly attached until the wielder decides to remove it or the item is destroyed. Some augment crystals have been known to stay with notable weapons for millennia. Removing an augment crystal from an item which has borne it for more than a century is considered bad luck and in poor taste.

100gp – Magic, the weapon counts as magic for the purpose of overcoming DR.
200gp – Fire, +1d6 fire damage
1800gp – Speed, One extra attack as highest bonus when full attacking.
(etc. one for each, same for armor)


Regular weapons cost the same as in the core. Regular weapons cannot be augmented and receive a maximum +1 bonus from your character level. Regular weapons are usually stamped instead of forged or crudely fashioned from wood with knots or poor weight.

Good Weapons cost the same as in the core +200 gp. A craftsman can make only one good weapon in a week and that takes all his labor. Good weapons are made from forged metals or good cuts of aged, old-growth hardwoods. There is no maximum bonus from your character level with good weapons. Good weapons may attune 1 weapon augment crystal.

Masterwork weapons cost the same as in the core +3000gp. A craftsman can make only one masterwork weapon per 3 months of labor. Masterwork weapons are made from high-carbon forged steel, the core of century old hardwood, or other special materials. The cost of special materials are not included in the cost of the item. Masterwork weapons are always finessable. Masterwork weapons count as one “handiness” less for the purposes of two-weapon fighting and wielding over-sized weapons. Masterwork weapons may be drawn as a free action even if you do not have the Quick Draw feat. There is no maximum bonus from character levels with masterwork weapons. Masterwork weapons may attune 3 weapon augment crystals.

New Gear

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